Welcome in Nica region!

Do you want to expierence more of local traditions?Come and visit Otanki parish and our Old horse gear barn (tack room)! We are based just 5 km (7 min by car) from Nica, 24 km from Grobina (27 min by car), 18 km from Barta (22 min by car) and 28 km from Rucava (23 min by car).

We will introduce you to our old horse keeping traditions and with exposition in Old horse gear barn, which items were donated by locals. After guided tour, let's make some small souvenir with our own hands. It's going to be appropriate for adults and for children! 

Call and plan your visit: +371 263 230 14 Lelde

Entrance: donations, lenght of guided visit - up to 1 hour.

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